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Submit an enquiry & we will give you an "in principle" within 2 working hours
Assuming clients wish to proceed, we will send you "indicative terms & a shopping list of items" & instruct survey
On receipt of the full pack, we will submit to the lender for a "formal offer", it is then down to clients solicitors to obtain any additional paperwork required to enable the case to proceed to completion
bridging solutions FAQ's
Q1. What is a bridging loan?
It is an interest only, short term loan secured on land or property.
Q2. Do you only lend on specific types of property/security?
No, our panel of lenders will consider most propositions.
Q3. Is there any employment criteria for the borrower?
Q4. How long can I take a loan for?
Lenders have own restrictions but generally 1-12 months but can be longer.
Q5. How much can I borrow?
As long as you can provide/have sufficient security. There is no maximum limit.
Q6. What is the difference between a first and second/third charge?
A first charge is the primary mortgage or loan secured against a property which takes precedence over all other finance secured against it. If there is sufficient equity in the property, then a second/third charge could be secured against it.
Q7. What is the minimum amount you lend?
£25,500 net
Q8. How long does it take to get funds?
Normally 7/10 days but we have completed deals in 72 hours.
Q9. How long will it take to get a decision?
We endeavour to obtain indicative terms within 2 working hours.
Q10. What interest rate will I pay?
Interest Rates will depend on the LTV, but can typically range between 0.75% & 1.5% per month.